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We don’t yet know all the kinds of things you’d like to ask us .. so why not ask us using the contact form on the left. Once we’ve had a few questions in we’ll be able to spot the things we get asked most often and add them here to the FAQ.

Here are two below to get you started:

How do I find your prices?

We’ve decided to make our prices public and they are clearly listed under each service: For You & For Business. This way you don’t need to email to ask for prices, only to find out your budget and our prices don’t fit. We’ve given our starting prices in a few places as I’m sure you’ll have ideas and projects that don’t quite fit a specific price we’ve listed. If so, then write to us using our contact form on the left and we’ll be back to you with a bespoke quote!

Do you travel for a job?

I do indeed and┬átravel upto 1.5 hours in any direction from York, anything further will incur travel costs as expenses. I’m happy to travel in order to do a good job for your needs. Otherwise, why not chat with┬áme about visiting York with a spectacular stay in some top notch AirBnB residences in the city center.

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