I’d not seen my friend Jem in a long time and wanted to catch up with how she’s doing. I also wanted to ask her to sit for me in my home studio in York, so that I could experiment and try some new photography lighting styles .. I still need to refine that style before I show those results! You can see one almost at the style I want in the hair flip, but that’s by the by. Jem was an absolute star, so patient .. listened calmly while I processed what I was doing out loud .. *ahem* .. I have a habit of doing that. Oops.

Jem is fabulous and has done a bit of modelling for art students before so she’s familiar with us creative types and our foibles for which I am grateful. 2 hours blew through in no time and I have a few images I’m really happy with and Jem has a print in her hands as thanks. She was even patient while I tried out a new mini travel printer I have for doing small festivals and tried there and then on the day .. I did all my business experimentation on her that day and she smiled, was happy and graceful throughout. You my friend are a star, thank you.


Above is my favourite of the day. I love it, and Jem also loved this photo equally as much and took this one home in thanks. What she doesn’t know but did agree to, by allowing me to share them on this site, is that I’ve made her photo my headline photo on my websites homepage! Surprise!

Quite often I experiment between colour and black / white processing for photos as I really REALLY love B/W photos. This time I did them all in both and now I have a quandry of which is best. What do you think?

I really love Black and White photography but the gentle colours are also beautiful. Oh I don’t know, you decide! Here are the rest.

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